Saturday, 28 January 2012

Even my PARENTS have more fun...

21 and single; my Saturday night should be spent out drinking with friends, not sitting by myself with a tub of chocolate haagen daz watching Take Me Out while my parents are out at the cinema.
Need to get an action plan to make this week less depressing...
Plan for this week: Make a plan
Maybe some more coffee trips (hopefully longer than 45 mins this week) with 'Mr Aviator'. He's been the only one since my ex that I've considered a relationship with, however him having a girlfriend means he's currently being friend-zoned.
Maybe my mate will finally move into his new place and I can hang out at his and be beaten at an xbox game. When he's got the day off maybe a group of us can play drinking games and end up with a splitting hangover the following day that assures us the previous night was good fun.
Or maybe I'll just spend the week talking to 'Mr Cook' online, while I desperately try to avoid arranging anything that might be construed as a date whilst not be unfriendly. 'Mr Cook' I knew from GCSE school, but barely spoke to and hadn't contacted since until he just started messaging me the other week. Sometimes Facebook is great, but sometimes it freaks me out when people reconnect with me that I haven't spoken to in years.

Anyway, fingers crossed for good weather next weekend, because I'm hoping to go paragliding down in Brighton with some friends, and I'm sure there'd be a messy night or two involved if I go.

Things can only improve right? Wish me luck.
Love Ros x