Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sorry, another Sunday post

Sorry guys, I woke up late and kinda forgot it was Saturday, then went over to a friend's house and couldn't post from there. Better late than never though? Right?

I'll start at the beginning of the week. Saturday night Mr Barman rearranged our meeting for Sunday night. I wasn't going to object: I'd waited so long to have sex, waiting one more day would be pointless. Not sure exactly how much detail to tell you guys, but the key points are as follows:
  • Well endowed
  • Baby oil
  • Creaky bed
  • 6 times
  • Just the right pain/pleasure balance.
Saying that though, the last time we were in contact was when he dropped me back at my house in the morning. I'm glad. If I wanted to contact him I have no qualms about being the first to text, but I really don't want to. I just needed the episode with Mr Barman to be short and sweet. It was, so sweet. Mmmm :)

This leaves me free to pursue Mr Ski. It's going to be a slow-burn thing I think, unless alcohol is involved and acts like a catalyst. I went over his for an hour or so before going to the cinema with some other friends on Wednesday. It was nice, we played footsie and had a little poke-war. I felt like I was a shy teenager again, but not in a bad way, I really enjoy his company. I'll let you know how things go, I doubt anything dramatic will happen for a while though, but who knows.

On a side-note, I'd recommend people watch Cabin in the Woods if you haven't already, it's not like a regular horror. I laughed more than I looked away from the screen, and I'm really not a fan of horror films.

Last night there isn't really much to tell, no alcohol was involved (I know, what's happening to me?) We played a lot of Halo, of course I lost, but to varying degrees. Also, I ate two pizzas. (fatty? me? fine, you got me) That's about it.

Catch you next week x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Well that's not meant to happen...

I left you last week with the dilemma between Mr Ski and Mr Barman. Last week I was pretty sure I was tending toward Mr Ski, but I'm so fickle. Have I made a decision between the two? not exactly. Here's what's happened.

I have been texting Mr Barman a lot and I'm pretty sure we're not into each other for the intellectual conversation or stunning personalities. On Tuesday our conversation went saucy quite quickly (whoops) and he sent me a dick pic. OMG, now I'm not one of those girls who care about size (small can be very effective) but there is something hot about a nice big one. His is very very hot. :P At this point I'd have tried to arrange a hook-up asap, preferably before Mr Ski returned, however it's been my "red-week" this week. So it's arranged for Monday and I just need to stall Mr Ski.

Mr Ski has been quite busy, so conversations have been short, I'm trying to stall things without letting them go cool. Seems to be going quite well. I've booked up enough of my time at the moment I think to not actually meet him until later this week, once the hook-up with Mr Barman is out of the way. I don't really know what'll happen with Mr Ski, maybe nothing.

Seems to be working out right? Yes, but of course there is another spanner in the works. Mr Argument.

Bet you'd forgotten about him? yeah, well I haven't really spoken to or seen him that much recently. Did go over to his on Thursday though. Mr Vanilla, Mr Argument and I got very drunk playing drinking games. Much like how I got the night of the drunken mistake. Seeing some similarities are we? Smart people. Ended up second base with him (might've been more if it wasn't for red-week) Seriously, what is going on? Why do all the men come out of the woodwork at the same time? I don't even know how Mr Argument feels about me if it's only something that happens when we get drunk. It's not going to be mentioned I sense. Expect this story to not surface again for a while.

Oh, I should get going, am meeting Mr Aviator for a catch-up coffee. So will just outline my plan for this week:
-Stall Mr Ski for a little while.
-Meet Mr Barman for a hook-up (not putting out on a first date is over-rated)
-Possibly go down to Brighton for paragliding (weather permitting)
-See what happens after that but try not to be a bitch.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Men are like buses...

... much more fun if you ride them with no clothes on.

Joking, joking. Men are like buses, you wait ages for one and several come at once. So it's been a busy week, where to start... maybe with how I joined and have now left it.

Right, so earlier this week my friend, Mr Nocturnal, persuaded me to join, he was signing up and I thought "Well it'll be a way to meet new people" so just went for it. Before I'd even completed the lengthy form I was getting interest on the site. I was only testing the waters though, so didn't really want to bother paying money. After 24 hours 14 pageviews, 5 winks and a couple of instant messages I was starting to realise not paying for this means I can't actually do anything.

There I was contemplating spending money, but I then my neighbour started chatting to me on Facebook. I hadn't spoken to him in about a year, but when I mentioned that my parents were away for a few nights he suggest he came over. He was also very complimentary. He was hitting on me basically. Girls with fewer standards than me would probably have invited Mr Neighbour over and jumped into bed. I didn't, I don't do that. I appreciated the attention though. It made me realise I can get men in the real world, and paying for stuff on the internet would be stupid. Especially with Mr Ski coming back next week.

I went out Thursday night with Mr Morrisons, Mr Nocturnal, Miss Paranoid and others. I was drinking cocktails, so got quite drunk. When I get drunk, I drunk text whoever I have a crush on at the time. So I spent goodness knows how much on a text to Mr Ski in France saying (actual quote) "I'm drunk and horny. If you were here I'd totally let you take advantage of me." Oh God. Why did I say that? How totally embarrassing. He didn't seem to mind. He replied later saying "Good to know. See you next week. x" Seriously, what am I doing? I haven't seen this guy in 4 months and wasn't sexually attracted to him before, what if in person I'm not and I've lead him on? oh god oh god oh god. Anyways, no point worrying. We'll just have to wait and see right?

Oh yeah, the final bus that came my way this week was as I was sobering up on my night out. I went to the bar to ask for some water and the barman was fit and smiley. I have no idea what strange bout of confidence came over me, but when I went back to ask for another cup of water a little later, I also asked for his number. Apparently being direct works because I got it. :) I then lost it, or thought I had, so had to go back AGAIN and ask for it again. Whoops. I felt like the cat that got the cream though. Text Mr Barman yesterday afternoon and got a response totally lacking in punctuation, with three kisses at the end and him calling me "hunni". He added me on facebook later and pretty much ALL of his profile pictures are him topless. He has a great body, so it's not unpleasant, but it's a little vain. I'm not going to judge on this, he seems sweet, will meet him for coffee next week and make a judgement then, but am starting to get doubts.

It was after that night out I decided to deactivate my account. Really no point being on there at the moment.

Mr Ski and Mr Barman are so different it's ridiculous, it's almost impossible to compare, I'll have to make a decision soon though, don't want to lead them on. Wish me Luck. x

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Another Sunday Post.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. By the time I woke up I didn't have long before my friend came over for the afternoon. Then the time between him leaving and me going out was taken up with failing to wait sufficient time for various layers of nail polish to dry. Okay, I'll stop making excuses.

Had good fun last night though discovered my friends estimate double the number of guys I have been with. So I seem more slutty than I am... woo? :S Didn't get hit on in the conventional sense. Got some comments on my way to the pub though, including one guy stopping me saying "Excuse me, you're hem is too long, you need to pull it up" CREEP.

Best thing about last night? I stayed at my friend's house Miss Medicine, and her spare bed is a memory foam bed with a feather duvet and her mum puts a hot water bottle in the bed. It's the best thing to come back to after a night out. The bed hugs you. I haven't been hugged that well while I sleep for a long time.

Been flirting with Mr Ski a lot more. 11 days until he's back in the country. It's often easier to flirt with people online though, you kind of build up an idealised image of them in your head. Will see when he returns as to how I feel I suppose. Might just be nice to spend some time with him.

Also, been considering joining any thoughts?

Will try to post on-time next week. Talk soon x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bitching and Brighton

There's this girl in my friendship group that really doesn't like me. She hasn't for years, she's now dating one of my exes, it doesn't bother me I didn't even like him that much. I think that's probably one of the things that bothers her. Anyway, let's call her Miss Paranoid, I don't mean this in the medical sense, it's just she takes everything as a personal attack. Not sure she's heard of the concept of banter.
Well recently Mr Morrisons, Mr Nocturnal and I went for a meal. Of course we invited Miss Paranoid, but as the whole point of the meal was to see Mr Nocturnal we had to work around his plans, and hers didn't fit in with that. So, seeing as she doesn't like me and doesn't really know Mr Nocturnal that well, Mr Morrisons suggested the two of them met up for lunch as an alternative. They did. Later that evening I posted on facebook that I had a nice dinner with Mr Morrisons and Mr Nocturnal. Apparently this prompted Miss Paranoid to message Mr Morrisons basically saying she felt left out. It is for reasons like this that I am not friends with girls.
She moans about how we leave her out, but when we try to plan things with her she can never make it, or makes it insanely awkward times. So I suggested she was the one plan the next thing, but she made excuses. I don't get girls. Girls are crazy weird.

Oh p.s. I went to Brighton to visit Mr Adventure, it was fun, there was Pimms and a BBQ. Saw a couple of fit guys, but eye-candy is only useful when you can see it.
P.P.S. Am getting on well virtually chatting with Mr Ski, a friend of mine who's working the ski season as a chalet host in the alps, he's due back in a couple of weeks. One to watch perhaps?