Saturday, 26 May 2012

What a busy little girl I've been

Red week over and I needed to make a move. So do I go for Mr Ski? Mr Barman? Mr POF? Well you know me, not one for making the simple decision.

Monday night I find myself at Mr POF's house. Get there and straight into the bedroom, but come dinner-time and we're in front of the tellie, where we stay for the rest of the evening (with a short bit of fun in the middle). Mr POF had to be up early the following morning, but I said I was willing to stay if I had morning sex. Morning came and I got no morning sex because he thought it'd be kinder to let me sleep in for an extra half an hour. NO. 7 is still early, I needed it to be made worth my while. Anyway, overall it was quite fun, but I'm lost as to what he wants from me. If it's just sex, why did we spend so long not doing it?

To stop over-thinking and prevent crazy lady version of me coming out, what do I do? Arrange up a hook-up with Mr Barman of course! No, seriously it worked. Hooked up with him Thursday night, it was enjoyable as ever and come Friday I was a very relaxed very happy bunny. Of course my body-clock is screwed now, as Mr Barman and Mr POF have very different sleeping patterns. Mr POF was bed about 11pm, up at 6.30/7am. Mr Barman was bed at 4am up at 1pm. But hey, was totally worth it.

There were a couple of sun-drenched pub trips with friends, nice and relaxed but nothing to report.

No plans for this week at the moment, just see what happens. Catch you guys next week. x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

So many options...

I got drunk last Saturday, as I hope you'd have expected. Not drunk off my face drunk, but drunk-text drunk. So I drunk-text Mr POF telling him how I was horny, he offered me birthday sex. I declined on the basis I'm unsure I can separate feelings from the physical, but I'm still talking to him a lot, most of it with a hint of dirtiness.

Mr Ski was meant to meet us out that night, but he was wearing shorts so the club wouldn't let him in. Despite this, after leaving the club I was texting him and he offered me his bed ;) but I was feeling lazy and didn't want to walk a mile, so just stayed on the sofa I was already lying on.

I bumped into Mr Barman last Saturday, which isn't surprising considering he works at the club we went to. He came up to me and said hello (I was drunk so just went with it). After not hearing from him in about a month, he texts me when his shift is over. I was asleep by this point, but decided to text him back in the morning, after a little bit of pleasantries and explaining the reason I didn't contact him wasn't because he was bad in bed, he asked to hook up again. Of course I'm not going to turn down an offer like that, was SO GOOD last time, but really shouldn't make it a regular thing.

After a minor pregnancy worry, it's been my red-week this week. Lady problems have their advantages, like the fact I can stall the men for a week while I try to work out what I should do. Not that I'm any closer to making a decision, I want all of them. "I'm not greedy, I just deserve everything." as my friend said.

Oh yeah and it was my birthday on Sunday, and I'm still 21 despite what my ID might say. In better news, my best friend returned from Canada this week. HUZZAH (I don't know why I've started using that word) We shall call her Miss Culture.

I've got to dash, need to get ready for today. I've got all my sixth-form friends over (and a few others) and Mr Ski, and we're going to be doing the geeky thing of running round my garden shooting each other with Nerf guns. It's actually a thing called Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) then we're having a BBQ and campout. Really have to go, will let you know what I decided.

Have a lovely week. x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Flip 180... again

So this is not goodbye. I got a little carried away last week. Here's what happened:

I had a second date with Mr POF on Sunday night. You guys know me, I'm not going to be any good at the "Don't put out until at least the third date" rule. So I jumped into bed with him. Kind of awkward because he was quite concious of the age gap (he's 5 years older), I've not exactly got a wealth of experience behind me (seeing as he's my number 5) and he does love to ask questions. Mr POF is carrying a few extra pounds so I wasn't going crazy with lust, but I really liked him and well I'm a horny madam.

He enjoyed teasing me, almost bringing me to climax then stopping. This got quite frustrating, but did result in a really really great orgasm. The best orgasm anyone else has made me have, however not sure whether it was the best sex (was up there though) One thing that ruined it was probably that he basically forced me into a proverbial corner by asking me whether it was the best sex I'd ever had while withholding an orgasm from me. First of all this is asking me to compare, so my mind starts thinking of other great sexual occasions (not something that should happen during great sex) and secondly even when I tried evading the question, not letting me orgasm until I answer will make me inclined to lie. So I told him it was the best sex I'd ever had, not exactly a lie, but I hadn't really decided.

Mr POF is on the hunt for this blog, so if he's successful and reading this; Note for the future: Don't ask that during the middle of sex. Ever.

Of course after putting out on the second date I was going a little (well a lot) crazy with whether it was just a one-off. Oh that's another thing he asked me during sex: "Would you regret this even if it was just a one-off?" way to kill the mood there. Don't talk during sex, but if you insist: don't say things like that. Back to the point, with all my crazy I just wanted to make it an exclusive thing and be able to call him my boyfriend to my friends. Yes I know, I'd only known him a week, blah blah. He's a little commitment-phobic anyway I think, but being a crazy lady definitely scared him away. I asked him whether it was going anywhere, after a while of thinking about it, he said he didn't want that at the moment, so I cried. A lot. I was mainly angry at myself for being so illogical and doing everything wrong, but also angry at him for giving me mixed signals.

I'm cool with it now, chalk it up as a life-lesson and move on... to Mr Ski?

Yes he's back in the picture. Almost as if the week with Mr POF didn't happen. Went to the pub with Mr Ski the other day, there was a lot of hugging and that. I think alcohol is definitely needed as a catalyst though. I'm going out tonight with friends for my birthday (tomorrow) and Mr Ski should be joining us. Shame I'm so full of cold, because a large part of me just wants to throw myself at him. I'll let you know what happens. Ooooh I should show you my planned outfit.

mesh body, "zip" tights, mary janes and tube skirt
Despite it being all black I think the outfit will still have an impact. I love the tights with their sexy zip-print detail up the back. The mesh panels on the body means it shouldn't be worn with a bra, which will we quite apparent, hopefully in a good way. My arse looks great in the tube-skirt without it being too short, and my mary-janes are my old-faithfuls so I know they're comfortable enough to get drunk off my face in. Sorted, just need to sort jewellery.

Talk next week (when I'll be lying about my age) x

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Last weekend I'd expect this post to be boring and mainly about the slow progress with Mr Ski. It's not at all like that.

I suppose I should briefly mention Mr Ski. Him and I weren't exactly getting on as well as we had been, I think he got sick of me moaning how I was bored without doing much to help myself (although part of this moaning was hoping he'd say "I'll come and visit you if you want" anyway, he didn't say this, and in fact said he was busy up until when he was going to visit friends in Leicester on Wednesday. Not one for wallowing, I decided to basically not bother pursuing him any more, and Tuesday night decided to sign up for (free dating site).

I was bombarded with messages as soon as I created the account. Some were creeps, others didn't send me a personalised message so I didn't bother replying (I had too many to reply to), some I just wasn't interested in, but a couple had potential. I'll tell you about one of the creeps first. In fact just going to copy paste some of the conversation:

Mr Creep: Hey I'm _____ :)
Mr Creep: Bet I have the biggest penis you have ever seen.
Me: Bet you don't. But I'm happy to lose this bet by defaulting and not seeing it.
Mr Creep: Hahaha!
Mr Creep: Bet your boring anyway,wouldnt even take it up the bum
Me: My you really do like your risky bets don't you? Again I'm happy to lose this one by default and not letting you find out.
Mr Creep: Like shocking people
Mr Creep: What you doing hun
Me: Well I was ignoring you. It was going well.
Mr Creep: Tut Whats ur problem?!
Me: I enjoy sarcasm to an unhealthy degree
Mr Creep: Lol I will bend you over and fuck ur arse you carry on!

Needless to say, I didn't carry on.

Thankfully, not everyone on there is such a creep. In fact I arranged a date with one of them on Thursday. The fact I'm here shows I wasn't murdered or anything and actually it went really well. Mr POF is 26, plays rugby and american football, has a similar sense of humour to me and is generally really nice. It's quite possible this could be my last post as an officially single girl and next week's post would be a goodbye. I am quite smitten and I've only met the guy once, which is weird, but kinda nice.

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck x