Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My week in Ibiza

Before I left for Ibiza, Mr Poke and I had many extended conversations, and I expected that being in another country would mean I wouldn't contact him for a week. However, I found myself constantly borrowing my friends' smart phones to check Facebook on the hotel wifi. I also had a few text conversations with him despite the texts costing me 10p each and destroying my credit. I'm still unsure how I feel about him, I really like him and want to contact him a lot, but unsure about whether I fancy him. He certainly doesn't obviously turn me on but he's not unattractive, maybe he's too similar in appearance to my ex. Am I just being shallow? We'll have to give it time I think, will be seeing him on Friday with others for drinks.

Now for the interesting part of this post. Mr Rep. Yes, we're talking about my holiday rep. As soon as I saw him I was like "mmm yes please!" He's very friendly, relaxed etc. The welcome meeting (in the morning of the first full day) ended with me and my group of friends (Mr Adventure, Mr Morrisons and Miss Medicine) talking through plans with Mr Rep, we discovered he was from the same part of the UK as us. He also suggested we went to Eden (one of the clubs in San Antonio) that night for Ibiza live where Wretch 32 and Rizzle Kicks were playing, and there was an organised 1-euro bar elsewhere beforehand. Oh and that he'd be going too as he had a day off after that. So naturally, that's what we did (not that I care for that music) was a fun night and although we lost Mr Rep in the club, he appeared just as Rizzle Kicks were finishing and well, we got close. Very close. Tongues-in-mouths hands-in-pants kind of close. He wanted me to go back to his, but  I was unsure whether this was wise (with my confusion over men recently) and seeing as we had an excursion planned the following morning I had an excuse. The rest of the holiday him and I had unspoken sexual tension going on, but I remained strong and nothing further happened. He was hot and a nice guy, just that's not what I need at the moment, so disappear into the ether never to be seen again.

Nothing else interesting really happened, we had a pretty relaxed holiday with a few nights of drinking and a few day trips, but you don't want all those details. Oh but I caught a cold (which of course I'm blaming Mr Rep for)

Will post again on Saturday, so not long to wait. x

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