Sunday, 10 June 2012

A new era?

Well, I decided I couldn't handle the anguish Mr POF was causing me, so avoided talking to him. He instigated a conversation on Wednesday, but he was ill so in a bad mood and I was fed-up with him, so it didn't end well.   Made me more determined to cut him out of my life though. I am not going back. I need to be strong.

I was supposed to be hooking up with Mr Barman after his shift on Thursday night. Thursday morning I got a text from him saying "I've got something I need to talk to you about" then he fell asleep again so I had 5 hours of torment as I waited for him to tell me what it was. To my relief it was just that he's found a girl he wants to date and thinks hooking up with me could jeopardise that. I was feeling tired anyway and couldn't be bothered to get the house or my body presentable, so was happy to call off the hook-up. So he's off the radar, for the moment at least.

There is Mr Poke. Don't think I fancy him, but he's good company and am appreciating the attention. I'll explain his name... he's a friend of a friend who went on a poke rampage of our mutual friend's Facebook friend list. He didn't expect me to poke back, but I ALWAYS poke back. We had a very vicious poke battle, and a facebook conversation that ended in the early hours of the morning. In the end we became facebook friends, exchange numbers and I managed to blag a drink and a Freddo (Cadbury chocolate frog if you didn't know) in return for letting him win the poke-war. We've been talking A LOT over the last couple of days. We'll see how/where it goes.

I'm off to Ibiza on Monday, so next week's post will be several days late. I'm excited about it. Should be fun. Will be better than this week where I've barely seen anyone at all (seriously have only left the house once since Monday)

Laters baby x

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